2021 New Governance Professionals workshop

Governance Advisors play an integral part in supporting the governance systems, processes and elected representatives within the local government sector.  This role is highly professional, requiring skills and knowledge to support elected members in making good decisions in a framework that complies with legislation and good practice.

This two-day introductory course for people new to the role will provide all the core elements of knowledge that a new Governance Advisor will need to undertake the role in their initial stages of development.

The course brochure is available by clicking here 2021 New Governance Professionals course brochure

The course registration form is available by clicking here 2021 New Gov Profs registration form 18 19 Aug 2021


2021 Staff Training Workshops Directory

We have run a wide range of staff training programmes since 2008.  Our directory of training programmes is set out in the following link

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Please contact us for further information or to discuss running one of these courses for your Council.


2021 Managing Interesting Situations for Elected Members

This course has been designed in response to questions from elected member’s on dealing with a range of situations that they find themselves in particularly from the community.  The course outcomes are:

  • Identifying the role of an elected member when confronted with situations that are difficult, highly charged or highly contentious.
  • Know how to stay safe around decision-making when there is more than one side involved.
  • Gain a range of tactical options to use when confronted with competing views, complaints, and aggressive behaviour.

Our brochure for this course is attached by clicking here 2021 Managing Interesting Situations brochure

We deliver this course by region, or we can run an in-house course for your local authority.  For further information please contact us as detailed at info@meetinggovernance.co.nz.