This workshop provides practical, interactive, and in-depth training on effective note-taking leading to the formation of quality and accurate minutes.

The workshop outcomes include:

  • Identify the link between effective note taking and development of the formal minute’s document;
  • Demonstrate capability on how to follow the proceedings of a meeting so that you know what notes to take;
  • Capability to use tools, techniques, and strategies to take effective notes and turn those notes into quality minutes;
  • Confidence in the professional administrative role of the person responsible for the minutes of a meeting; and
  • Understanding of the roles that are present in meetings and how to support those roles e.g. the chairperson.

Who should attend?

  • Governance Professionals / Committee Advisors
  • Executive Assistants / Personal Assistants
  • Staff responsible for producing minutes – staff meetings, project team meetings, public meetings etc.

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